In the office of Dharts, a brand new library has been opened. You will find here lots of publications on art education, youth work, education, cultural policy and the arts scene. The biggest part, however, consists of inspiring books and DVDs on different art disciplines: dance, theatre, visual arts, poetry, literature, photography, film, music...

Click on this link to obtain a survey of our books and DVDs so that you can check from home whether or not your dream materials are available! Both teachers and participants can borrow books free of charge during their stay in Destelheide and when the secretariat or the Dharts office is opened. It saves you the trouble of bringing hefty volumes from home and gives you the chance to discover new, cool ideas.

Magazine shelf

More into some fast reading material? In our new magazine shelf, you will find many different magazines such as a/o Klasse, Krax, Dansmagazine, Courant, Rekto:verso, Formaat, Verzin, Circusmagazine... Ideal for filling empty breaks.

Educational material

We also have some educational games and action boxes available. Click below for the list

Consult the educational material