Artist of the year: Alice Van Innis

Alice van Innis doesn't stick to one medium!

Who better to ask to transform our domain into a playful artistisc canvas than this bright artist?
From march 2018 until march 2019, her work will pop up in the bar, in the restaurant, on the terrace...
But, who is Alice van Innis?

"My work reflects a search for beauty, a desire to design products with surprising combinations of color and form that reveal a novel joy of life, ultimately aiming to brighten everyday life." - Alice van Innis

Alice van Innis (°1988) identifies as a mixed media artist, combining textiles, design and drawings. She uses her knowledge in textile design in order to explore other mediums of art in a spontaneous, free way. Allowing her creativity to lead the way, her finished projects are always a surprise. Her creative process relies on her experimental spirit, and a childlike play with materials. Alice explores the space she works in, giving it a new life and a completely new perspective. She presents her colorful view of the world that becomes an important part of every space she is working in, transforming it into something completely new. Her style is unique, and never fails to make the viewer smile. Observing her work is similar to watching a theatre play, with characters full of life and unexpected twists and turns. 

"The game of lines, colors and shapes can feed into a surprising and fascinating world, with imagination and a sense of wonder at the source of this quest."- Alice Van Innis